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Who are we ?

In my job as CEO of Moover Toys, a high-quality Danish toy company. Moover Toys success is very depending on our ability to effective distribute pictures and videos, branding our excellent wooden toys design. After a some years in the business, I realized how important it was to send media in a professional and simple way to costumers. Shortly, I had trouble with out-of-date media, inconsistent sizing, and format. These issues made it hard for people to access our files and made us appear less professional. Because of this, we put together a process through which we resized, renamed and formatted the files. This was not efficient and took a lot of effort to do. I searched for businesses that might have the service to do this for us. However, I found no options for hire, even after weeks of searching. That is how ImageApe came to life. After collaborating with expert developers and potential users, we came up with this solution for companies around the world so that they could get the highest benefit and a great experience using our services. We believe our peculiar name reflects the values of our company. First, our name was Image Forwards, nothing wrong with that name, but it lacked spark and made it impossible to remember us. On a trip to the Peruvian Amazonas, I had the chance to see apes in action, really efficient and also fun to watch. This is where I got the inspiration for our name. We are an efficient, fast company that wants to add to the customer experience in a fun way. This way, we and our clients will work together, making work simple.